Spiritual powers known as "Aadhyatmik Shakti" are the powers of a Soul (Aatma). Only a real "Satguru" attains this level which is far beyond from the reach of Kaal Niranjan (Formless Mind), Tridev (Brahma, Vishnu and Shiv), Yogis, Peer, Paegambars, Rishis, Munis, etc.

Spiritual Powers are directly related to Supreme Lord (Param Purush / Sahib) with which a real "Satguru" directly awaken the Souls and liberates them permanently from the illusory universe

There are five more bodies which are present in every human body and is directly associated with the Mind. This secret is rarely known to mankind. These bodies are known as Ethereal Bodies, which all are associated with the innermost deeper cells present in every human body. With the help of concentration these innermost deeper cells gets activated and then we can see and travel into the whole universe (trilok) within ourselves through these ethereal bodies. Veda's have also mentioned thi

Only human body has the material power (remarkable physical ability) out of all the 84 lac classified species present on earth. These are the powers with which humans produced food, clothes, chemicals, infrastructure, electricity, machines, tools, planes, satellites, etc.

There are three kinds of powers available to every human being in equal means.
1. Material Power.
2. Mind Power
3. Spiritual Power.

Niranjan (Formless Mind) incarnated Gods, Goddesses, Rishis, Munis, Priests, Peer, Paegambars, Yogeshvars, etc just to mislead Souls (part of Supreme Lord) so that, none could escape from his universal territory (trilok).

Supreme Lord certainly exists. The existence of Supreme Lord (Param Purush / Sahib) is beyond 5 perishable elements, words, formless mind, body, religion and universe. The realisation of Supreme Lord is not at all possible without the grace of a real living Satguru.

Niranjan, who is being worshipped as Formless God (due to lack of true spiritual knowledge) by every single religion of the world is commanding the whole universe right from his abode 'Shunya'. Niranjan itself is present in every living being, as 'formless mind' (nirakaar mann).

Niranjan (Formless Mind) has created the universe (trilok) with help of five elements. Niranjan resides in fifth element i.e. Sky (shunya/space/vacuum). Niranjan created the universe just to Rule over the immortal Souls (of Supreme Lord).

No, a Soul cannot attain permanent salvation from the entanglements of formless mind, body, karma, birth-death, and universe without the Grace (as in form of real bodiless Naam related to Supreme Lord) of a real Satguru.

The Supreme Lord (Param Purush / Sahib) uttered Five Words from which five elements got produced i.e.
1. The word “SATT" produced Earth.
2. The word “ONKAAR” produced Water.
3. The word “JYOTI NIRANJAN” produced Fire.
4. The word “SOHANG” produced Air.
5. The word “R-RANKAAR” produced Sky.

The five elements with which the whole universe has been created are:
1. Earth.
2. Water.
3. Fire.
4. Air.
5. Sky.

"Nirakaar Niranjan" (Nirakaar Mann), the Ruler - Generator - Operator - Destructor of this universe (trilok) is "Kaal Purush".

When Supreme Lord (Param Purush / Sahib) uttered a word "Jyoti Niranjan", the fifth son 'Niranjan' came into existence. All 16 sons of Supreme Lord came into existence with the power of His words and not through any sexual activity.

Niranjan is only the Creator and the Ruling Power of Trilok (universe). Niranjan is also being addressed as Ram, Hari, Narayan, Brahm, Paar Brahm, Paramatma, Bhagwan, Parmeshwar, Khuda, God, Nirakaar, Nirankaar, Onkaar, Nirgun Brahm etc

Guru itself is the most respectable word into everyone’s life. Right from the time of birth till death, Guru plays a very important role in one way or the other. Guru is like a shelter which protects us from the evil and at the same time gives complete guidance and direction to lead a truthful healthy life.

Mother, Father, Teacher, Professor, Lecturer, Doctor performs the basic important role of a Guru in our lives but only up to some extent.

Then comes the Priests,

A Guru whose soul is in absolute uniformity with Supreme Lord (Param Purush / Sahib) is said to be as "Satguru".

The pure supreme consciousness which has its true existence beyond five elements (earth, water, fire, air & sky), formless mind, body and is present in every living being, is said to be as "Kabir".

Sant Satguru is that being whose soul is in absolute uniformity with Supreme Lord (Param Purush / Sahib). Sant Satguru is absolutely free from the entanglement of Karmas, Birth-Death, Formless Mind, Body, and Universe. The word Sant Satguru firstly came into existence from the ideology and teachings of true spiritualism by "Sant Samrat Satguru Kabir Sahib".

In Sahib Bandgi, "Sahib" stands for Supreme Lord and "Bandgi" stands for Salutations. Therefore, Salutations to Supreme Lord is being addressed as Sahib Bandgi.